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Client Testimonials

Sarah cleaned my closet by pulling the best and ridding of the rest.  What a terrific start!  Sarah’s selections and advice are custom to my casual and lively lifestyle. My clothes are comfortable and hip.  Sarah’s special accessories and touches make the difference.  When an outfit is good, she always makes it better with the perfect belt, scarf, shoes or jewelry.  Thanks Sarah, with my new lease on clothes you have inspired my life!  KREIS BEALL, founder Blackberry Farm and Beall and Thomas Photography

Sarah is truly a talent!  I love her focus on style and Sarah has the gift to keep your own style truly special.  She has helped me edit and be more strategic in my shopping… Sarah is inspiring with her passion for fashion!    SUZANNE KASLER, interior designer

Whether finding the perfect Choo bag, or styling me head-to-toe for an event,  Sarah has taken my style to a whole new level of sophistication and glamour.  She has an amazing eye for pulling the perfect go-to pieces.  She has completely revamped my accessory wardrobe.  A true luxury I will not live without.    ANNA JOHNSON, socialite